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October 30, 2021


Theme: The theme for these web sites is finance, finance of new and ongoing businesses and real estate generally in the $millions.  This web page outline and design is about finance, either financial investments and/or protection of monies and assets with legal taxation regulation awareness. Off-market and confidential financial transactions and property transactions are essential.


Off-market finance and property: An off-market sale defines a property or product that is marketed with minimum public posture or without public advertising.


Business Mission: Our goal is to develop and maintain web sites that will attract and assist affluent investors, business and property owners to be aware of the many tax advantages available with current IRS regulations.  Non-disclosure statements are standard for confidential and private communication. Affluent persons for our goals are generally Accredited Investors with more than $10M in assets and many who invest individually or in groups at least $5M per investment.  We will inventory some investments that will require minimums of $50k-$150k, but the emphasis is to the $5M+ investor.  The tax regulation information will include legal preparation for financial-estate plans. As of June, 2016 we are striving to have web sites developed for this clientele.


Web Site Plan Index

Web Site Author Owner Condition Date Notes
www.1lesstax.com KW KW Updated 20190505 www.1031FEC.com/1LessTax.htm
www.PayNoTax.biz KW KW Updated 20190505 www.1031FEC.com/PM.htm
www.PayNoTax.info KW KW Updated 20180728 www.1031FEC.com/1LessTax.htm
www.1031FEC.com KW KW Updated 20180720 Updated
http://www.1031fec.com/RothIRA.htm KW KW Updated 20180612 Check rules for updates
www.1exec.com KW KW Updated 20160618 Updated
www.deferredproceedstrust.com KW KW FD 20180601

Forward to www.1LessTax.com

www.financialexchangecorp.com KW KW Updated 20180612 Continue updating pages


KW KW Deleted 2017 Expiring-Allow
www.FECLLC.net KW KW No Plan 20180601 No current plan-For Investment

Forward to www.financialexchangecorp.com


KW KW No Plan 20180601

No current plan-For Investment

Forward to www.financialexchangecorp.com

www.wheelerk.com KW KW Updated 20160612 KW Web Site Plan Index & Development Plan
www.santacause.biz   .org?? KW KW FD 20180601

Philanthropy & Non-Profit Comparables - % for Intended

Forward to www.wheelerk.com

www.off-market.biz KW KW FD 20180726

Land-Finance & Business Finance

Forward to www.1031FEC.com

www.newstandardholdings.com NA     NA Former Associate Web Site
www.enviroesi.com TBD ESI TBD TBD Associate Web Site-ESI
www.perpetuallegacytrust.com KW KW Updated 20180724 Perpetual-Eternal Legacy Irrevocable Trusts+Revocable
www.EternalLegacyTrust.com KW KW Updated 20180724 Same website as PerpetualLegacyTrust
www.FlexHealthPunch.com KW KW Updated 20180701 www.1exec.com/FlexHealthPunch.htm
www.weightlosscoffee-tea.info   KW KW Forward 20170701


www.weightlosscoffee-tea.com KW KW Forward 20170610 www.dollarcoffeeclub.com/kenwheeler
www.weightlosscoffeeclub.us KW KW Forward 20170610 www.dollarcoffeeclub.com/kenwheeler


TBD:  To Be Determined       FD: Future  Development        TBU:  To be Updated       NA: Not Applicable





Web Site Development Outline

  • KW Pay Less Tax advantaged web sites

  • Save Tax now for future wealth

  • Real Estate & Businesses

  • Associated common web sites

  • Personal Legacy

  • Pay No Tax when selling real estate/other

  • Save up to 1/3 proceeds in less than 45 days

  • Off-market replacement property

  • Maintain & increase net worth

  • Self-Directed Retirement Accounts

  • Real Estate, Bond or Loan IRA

  • Diversification-Alternative Investments

  • Economical Retirement Plan Conversion

  • Finance start-up business

  • Finance on going business

  • Maintain ownership control

  • Experienced & successful advisors


  • Tax Deduction

  • Income with Bonus & Equity

  • Absolute Management

  • Exchange Asset-pay no tax


  • Perpetual Trust

  • Irrevocable Trust

  • Perpetual Legacy

  • Charitable Legacy


Asset Management Group

Municipal Bond Hedge


Integrated M&A Group Integrated Production Management, LLC
DeWitt Recyclable Products LLC


  • Divest business & property

  • Merge business

  • Acquire business

  • Business & property exit plan

  • Business M&A

  • Agriculture Land

  • Energy Production & Management

  • Special Purpose Property

  • Defer Proceeds-pay no tax

  • Increase income

  • Maintain & increase net worth

  • Larger residence potential


Common Web Sites


Bond Hedge Fund
  • US Government Treasuries

  • US Government Bonds

  • Hedge management

Collateralized Note Finance
  • One year note

  • 5%-7% potential

  • Off market

  • Accredited investor

Mezzanine Finance
  • Off market

  • May include equity bonus

  • May include profit sharing bonus

  • Accredited investor

  • Global energy market

  • Development

  • Management

  • USA Advantage

  • Investment banking

  • Finance

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Business advisory

Real Estate Building Tax Management
  • Cost Segregation

  • Depreciation

  • Section 179 (Separate)

  • Section 179 Purchase & Lease

 Estate Planning Law Firm/s
  • Tax Deferred Trust

  • Revocable (Living Trust)

  • Charitable Remainder Trust

  • Perpetual Legacy Trust

  • Self-Directed Retirement Accounts

  • Real Estate, Bond or Loan IRA

  • Diversification-Alternative Investments

  • Economical Retirement Plan Conversion

  • Extract waste & pollution from water, air & soil

  • Organic waste removal from water

  • Air & gases pollution removal

  • Metals removal from water & soil





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