Kenneth B. Wheeler Sr. & Ruby F. (Stapes) Wheeler

May 23, 1934

Wedding Day

1955 2003





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Ken Jr., Dixie, Joan & Chris

Ken Sr. & Ruby



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Recommended Instructions for Sending Photos

When possible, please forward photos in JPG file format to E-mail.

 If by US Mail to:

K. B. (Ken) Wheeler Jr.

5206 Station Way

Sarasota, FL 34233


Cell: 515.238.9266

Phone: 800.333.0801 or 941.363.1375



US Mail photos will be returned as soon as possible.

As a licensed real estate broker, securities, and insurance representative, Ken Wheeler has protected personal valuable documents as deeds, abstracts, insurance policies, confidential financial reports and statements for the over 20 years. 

All family photograph and document ownership will be respected and returned as valuable.

Currently there is no plan to include personal information as mail or E-mail addresses or telephone numbers at the web site. Birth and Marriage Certificates as well as photos are appreciated.  Now and in the future our descendants and genealogists will appreciate your efforts.

Initially, we will try to include as many ancestor photos as we can find.

If one desires a free family web page, please communicate your request to Ken Wheeler. 

If one does not have the ability to transfer photos into the computer JPG image, we have assistance.

As time and funds permit, an scanner will be installed with automated multiple photo imaging capability.

If printing photo copies with one's scanner and printer, please use minimum 300 DPI scanning best color or 256 grey shades (for B&W photos) and all printing at 300 DPI minimum on photo paper. Not meeting these minimum photo quality requirements greatly reduces the image quality.

Thank you.


December 07, 2021

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